7 Amazing Recipes to Transform Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey

The turkey is supposedly the star of the Thanksgiving table.

But for whatever reason, every year I seem to end up with two gallon-sized Ziploc bags full of bird in my fridge at the end of the evening.

Fresh turkey is a fantastic, healthy leftover to have in your fridge for the week ahead. If you play your cards right, those extra few slices of breast can become a series of add-ins for your breakfast, lunch and dinner in the coming days.

I’ve put together a week's worth of turkey tips—from tacos and "TLTs" to an amazing turkey soup—to help you integrate this lean protein into your everyday meals.

Unlike Thanksgiving itself, the turkey isn't the main event when it comes to leftovers, and these varied recipes ensure you’ll never get sick of the stuff. (Or at least not for a while.) Since meat is usually the most expensive part of any meal, stretching your leftovers will also help you save some money.

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