5 Ways to Save on the Holidays


Holiday savings tipsVisions of dollar signs dancing in your head? SavvySugar has tips to make sure you don’t go overboard and break your budget this season. 

Splurge is the word of the season, whether pertaining to eggnog or gifts.The holiday music and displays make it a festive time of year, but it can also be a pretty pricey time if you’re not careful. No need to forgo celebrating all together this year, just follow some of my tips on spending less this month.

Plan a Pollyanna

What do Pollyannas, Secret Santas, and White Elephants have in common? They’re all types of gift exchanges that allow you to buy one gift instead of several. Plan one of these events made for giving with your friends or family (or both) and you’ll all end up spending less this season.

Swap Party Dresses

If you’re not excited about repeating last year’s party duds at this year’s soirees, call your girlfriends who are the same size to see if they’re up for trading attire this year. You can always put your own touch on a piece with your own accessories, shoes, and festive attitude.

Make It Yourself

For a crowd-pleasing homemade gift, my advice is to go for something edible. If you’re delivering something delicious, nobody will ever consider the money you spent on it, they’ll just be thrilled to be getting something so tasty! A fun touch: include the recipe. You know they’ll be calling you for it later, anyway.

Buy Gifts Jointly

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as giving someone exactly what they want, but you shouldn’t do so at the expense of your credit card bill. If you can’t afford what’s at the top of somebody’s list, consider going in on the present with a mutual friend or another family member. The recipient will be so grateful that you did.

Call It a Potluck

Get everyone to participate in holiday festivities by inviting people over for a potluck. If you supply the main dish and the dinner table, your friends will be more than happy to bring side dishes, desserts, and libations.

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