3 Reasons Married Couples Argue Over Money

3 Reasons Married Couples Argue Over Money

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Contrary to what you might think, when it comes to relationships, more money does not equal more happiness.

It is important to look at the bigger picture. You may assume that if your budget, retirement plan and cash-flow worksheet are in order, you will have a happy relationship. However, this is not the case.

Your views on money impact every decision you make as a couple from the big stuff like houses and cars to the mundane details like the kind of coffee you drink and the brand of shoes you wear. But how does this affect our relationship? Here is an example: A husband calls his wife the "Money Nazi" because when he walks through the door, their conversation goes like this:

Wife: Where did you go out to lunch?
Husband: We went Italian today.
Wife: "What did you have?
Husband: "A Chicken Caesar Salad.
Wife: How much did it cost?
Husband: I don't know … about 13 dollars.
Wife: Thirteen dollars for a chicken salad?!

If this argument sounds familiar, you aren't alone. Here are three culprits of financial tension in romantic relationships:

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1. Your money DNA.

 While there is no money gene per se, how you look at and feel about money is as ingrained in you as the color of your eyes. You are born with it.

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