20 Cheap and Easy DIY Holiday Gifts

With Pinterest, searching for adorable DIY gift ideas has never been easier.

But especially with the holidays right around the corner, we know you don't have time to spend hours searching for the perfect gift to make for your mom/sister/best friend/cousin/next-door neighbor.

So, we did the digging for you.

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Click through our slide show to see the cutest, easiest and most creative DIY gifts that won't take a ton of time, money or effort. (For one, tying a ribbon and pouring ingredients is about as strenuous as it gets.)

As presents go, these are all win-wins: They're all superthoughtful things you'd want to get—and ones you can give without worrying about going over budget.

To see the slides in one long list, click into the slide show and select "list view."

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  • http://twitter.com/LaLaHeHenn LaLaHeHenn

    I have been wanting an article like this so badly! LearnVest FTW!

    • Cindy Xi

      My tips -
      1) Shop online. Walmart, Amazon, etc. has everything you could possibly want with free shipping. Plus, you get to avoid holiday traffic.
      2) Use coupon sites like retail me not.
      3) Give gift cards or cash. Most physical gifts will go unused.
      4) Cut back spending in other parts of your life. Don’t limit it to just Christmas. Examples – $20/month cell phone from Tmobile, $24/month car insurance from 4AutoInsuranceQuote, $15/month gym from Planet Fitness.
      5) Re-Gift old presents that you never used. Don’t just throw them away!

  • evr

    Some of these items on the list could work for people i know, as long as I make the packaging look really great (but that can add up too). I think more of these would work as stocking stuffers or stuff to pass out to coworkers. Overall, good list, got me thinking! I want to see more lists like this one!

  • http://twitter.com/dollarcraft Heather Mann

    This is a great roundup of really doable DIY projects that most people would love to receive as gifts. Great job, @GabrielleKarol!

    • gabriellekarol

      Thanks, Heather! Let us know if you make any of these for the holidays! :) 

  • Kwh1

    Your slideshow is not working. it will not go beyond the lavender sachets, not will it move to the “list” version of the craft ideas.  Boo!   Wendy

    • gabriellekarol

      Hi @daacd304f08385fd312d61490aea5488:disqus  please try clearing your browser’s cache and trying to view the slide show again. I hope it works now!

      • Misty

        Doesn’t work here, either. In fact, the slide shows never work. Learn from practically every other website out there, please, and have the print button pop up the whole slideshow rather than one frame. Hugely disappointing that LV can’t figure out that simple step.

      • spethy

         I’ve been waiting all day for this issue to get fixed. I can’t go beyond the first project in IE or Firefox. I’ve cleared the cache in both browsers.

  • Just Jill

    Best one of these you put out yet!! Keep up the good work!

  • molly

    Love all these ideas. Thanks so much!

  • http://twitter.com/minjawham Alexis Little

    A select few of these were awesome and easy. The rest were just useless things that most people would not want and are obviously handmade or cheap.

  • Michele

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the knot trivet..want to try making this a throw rug size! The etched glass idea is FABULOUS!!! You can make these quirky / personal / or just plain cool with a little cash!  Like this Learn Vest…keep it up:-)

  • Sheila

    I really liked this article, but I took a few of these ideas to the store to get supplies and it ended up that they would cost way more than if I just went out and bought something.  As a savings option, not such a good idea.  I suppose if you have a ton to make this might be beneficial to you, but otherwise you’ll end up spending way more in supplies than if you’d just gone out and picked up a nice gift.   Not to mention that you have to have the time for these as well.  Kinda disappointed.

  • Erin_rhoads

    this is a great article, but the link for the homemade mixes goes to the general website and not the specific article. (and i couldn’t find it myself) a little help, please! :)