LearnVest’s New iPhone App: Y’all Are Making Us Blush!


We’ve been told that women don’t talk about their accomplishments enough. So permit us to talk about a little accomplishment of our own …

This morning we launched our first, free iPhone app. LearnVest users have been asking us when we would have an app for a long time, but still, we were nervous about what you would think. Kind of like young associates presenting a big project to the client.

Sigh of relief. You like it—no, make that love it! Here are some of the comments we’ve received so far:

I love the app! Really fantastic!! – @angiega7

Downloaded this morning & November will be a good budget month!! – @amyline

Ever since I received the @LearnVest app this morning I’ve been setting up goals & organizing my unfiltered transactions. Bring on the holidays! – @KentaraWil

Downloaded the app first thing this morning! it’s gorgeous! :-) – @xelalive

I’m loving the @LearnVest iPhone app so far. It’s going to make tracking my budget so much easier! – @abigailnoelle

Want to get in on the fun? Download the app in the iTunes store.

P.S. Android users, we’ve haven’t forgotten about you! We’re working on a mobile web version of LearnVest that will work on all phones, including Android, Blackberry and Windows.

  • Engchik

    got it! still trying to get all my accounts to lad properly tho- having issues with getting my ING direct accounts

    • AldenWicker

      Hi there,

      Thanks for your comment!

      ING uses a special access code for personal financial management tools. You’ll use this Access Code as your password along with your Customer Number or Saver ID as your username. Here is the ING Direct help page that will explain how to create an access code: http://helpcenter.ingdirect.com/ingd/Topic.aspx?category=FINANCE1. Once you’ve done that, you should be able to link your ING account to the Money Center.

      Hope that helps! If you have any more questions, you can email feedback@learnvest.com and Becky will help you out.

      • Engchik

        that worked like a charm- thank you!!!! now to add the mortgage! ;) THX!

  • Philleo

    Cant wait for an Android app!!!! 

  • Stephanie

    You might have blushed but I am just turning green with envy! So anxious for an Android app, tis the only thing I want for Christmas (….maybe)

  • CesarAD

    Are you planning on Tablet apps for kindle and Windows as well?

  • Alex Ignatov

    Disappointed that you still don’t have an Android app available. There are now more Android OS users than iOS. http://techland.time.com/2013/04/16/ios-vs-android/

    You guys are missing the mark here. C’mon.

  • Karla

    Any idea on when the Android app will be released? If I can’t access my accounts on my phone (like I can with Mint), I don’t think I’ll be using your service (but I want to, so hurry up please!)

  • Matthew

    So really, iPhones are OK to make apps for but Android users has to access the service through a website, i think i am going to use mint.

  • Sarah

    Any update on an Android App? This post is almost a year old now and I’d love to see an Android App. I was going to sign up until I saw there was no Android support.

    • mlh247

      Me too