Why Women Don't Want Women for Bosses

Why Women Don't Want Women for Bosses

Check out this interesting piece from YouBeauty:

Weeks before beginning her new position at one of the country’s largest real estate developers, Olivia Myles* received an email from her soon-to-be-boss, Claire. “She told me, ‘You’re very intelligent and I so look forward to working with you,’ and I was thrilled,” Myles recalls. “Not only would I be working for a woman, but someone who understood that I was an untapped resource.” Then the job started and the story changed drastically. “It ended up being the opposite—an abusive and terrible relationship.”

Myles, 31, worked her way up from administrative assistant to San Francisco regional director of marketing, but not before transferring to a different team with a (male) manager who wasn’t trying to thwart her success, take credit for her work, leave her off important emails and callously shoot her down. “I think women are extremely competitive with each other in the work place,” Myles says. “Rather than solidarity there’s a schism.”

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