Tips From a Startup Founder to Get More Done

Tips From a Startup Founder to Get More Done

Here's another interesting post from our friends at SavvySugar. Check it out:

If there's anyone who knows how to amp up productivity, it'll be start-up founders who work 24/7 when they are trying to get their brand-new company off the ground.

Matt DeCelles, a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur, recently gave a couple of really useful productivity tips on Quora. They may very well change the way you work!

Use a Post-It Wisely

"Use a post-it note to record the 3 most important things I can do on that particular day. The post-it note is beneficial because it has a size constraint."

List Your Tasks on a Whiteboard

"Use a whiteboard to list all of the tasks that are mine to accomplish. After . . . delegating out tasks, I put mine on a white board. Usually this is 10-15 tasks."

Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize

"Prioritize the most important task you need to get done (often the one you are putting off). It is critical to set objectives before working. A great book on this topic is Eat That Frog."

Like a Boss

"Delegate (LIKE A BOSS). When you enjoy what you do you will find yourself being much more productive. If you really suck at doing something, chances are there is someone out there that can probably do it for less than $5 per hr. Check etc."

See the rest of these productivity hacks on SavvySugar.

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