New Study Shows More Exercise Leads to Higher Pay

Libby Kane

Those of us who haven’t left the couch are really running out of excuses.

CNN Money reports that more exercise equals more pay: Men who exercise three or more times a week enjoy pay that’s 6% higher, and women who do the same earn 10% more than their colleagues watching from desk chairs.

The research is from Cleveland State University, and the researchers explain that the salary increase doesn’t have to do with the link between lower earnings and obesity, but rather it comes from sprints of post-exercise productivity.

So let’s recap. Various studies have now shown that exercise is good for your relationships, generally does wonders for our health and even helps us be better with our finances.

It looks like we’re going to have to start exercising.

  • LaTrell

    It’s a little silly to think that exercise will cause someone to make wiser choices in their finances. I do agree that productivity and quality of work can be increased, but it’s really about the character of the person in general. Exercise is just another wise choice. I love to exercise because it makes me feel great, gives me a sense of purpose, and is an awesome addition to my life.

  • Venus

    This article is spot on as I have watched my company which is run by men constantly change to hiring and promoting women who are in there 20′s with tight bodies. I have watched them leering at their chest and butts. If you press the flesh then you get promoted and get the pay raises regardless if you know how to the job. I have watched the business change from what you know to how you appear draped on your bosses arm at lunch or to be present only to dress up a business meeting. I have also watched smart women play dumb and dress down so they can get ahead in the all man managed business. Not to mention these guys are fat, balding and out of shape but love the eye candy.

    • TAP in NC

      While that may be the sad truth of the situation in your office, I don’t think that is really what the article was getting at.  Employees who exercise regularly are more productive than those who do not exercise regularly, in general, and therefore get more raises.  This article is simply stating that regular exercise leads to higher productivity, which leads to pay increase and promotion.  The hiring practices in your office are purely chauvanistic and have nothing to do with the exercise routine of the employees.

    • BeEncouraged

       Venus, your points are well made, it was understood during my youth that if you were pretty you were dumb, if you were anything else you had brains and could do the grunt work to sustain the business and be happy to be included.  But guess what, after all the downplaying and waiting your turn, if you are not happily pursuing your goals you will not be pleased.  So look great and work hard and speak up!  Those who oppose will do so anyway and those who appreciate good work will do so anyway, becoming more aggressive will tie the two together so that you can get what you want out of your work.  Your voice will stop some from taking adverse actions because the are not certain how confrontational you may be, and it will get some behind you because of your courage and convictions!  But feeling good about yourself is always a boost to your performance and increase productivity. Aim higher!

  • CleoBarker

    I agree, I’m definitely far more productive and way less stressed and cheerful after a good workout (but not a workout to the point of exhaustion, that’s for the weekends :P ). Pretty sure it doesn’t make me better at my finances, I was good before my strict workout regimen. But also, a strong workout routine suggests self control and commitment, which probably elude to the persons attitude about things that are important to them- including finances.