How to Outsource Your Life

If there's one thing we love, it's saving time.

(Or budgeting. Or saving. Or financial goals. Or awesome tools. But for now, we'll go with saving time.)

So when the brilliant minds over at Dashlane (an app that securely enables universal, instant checkouts, registrations and logins across the web without needing integration) clued us into their newest infographic, we were excited to see that it's a breakdown of how much time people spend doing chores and errands every day, how much it costs to outsource those obligations and resources to help you save time by assigning your chores to someone else.

So check out Dashlane's infographic, and tell us in the comments: Do you ever outsource your chores? If so, how do you do it (and what do you pay)?

 This infographic originally appeared on Dashlane.

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