How to Manage Your Money on a Busy Schedule

How to Manage Your Money on a Busy Schedule

We know you’re busy.

When you’re running around and trying to juggle work, family and a social calendar, it can be tricky to find time to manage your finances.

That’s one of the reasons why we created the LearnVest iPhone app. Our app combines everything you love about LearnVest all into one handy, easy-to-use mobile app that will help you master your money, even while on the go.


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From our Money Center, which allows you to track your spending, set goals and manage your budget, to all of our free stories you can now read wherever you are, the LearnVest app has got it all.

Though the app only recently debuted in the iPhone App Store, the LearnVest team has had access for the past few months—and frankly, we’re a little bit obsessed. Find out how our staffers use the LearnVest app, and pick up some of their secrets for making the most of your money ... on your phone. Then, download the app for yourself!

altJeff Green, General Manager, Financial Products

I use the app to stay organized whenever I have a free moment. I can folder my new transactions while I'm on the subway and my updates will sync up once I have an Internet connection again. It's also great to be able to check how I'm doing with my budget when I'm out shopping. Now, it’s easy to answer the question "Can I afford it?"

altWill Larche, Mobile Developer

My favorite thing to do is adjust my priority goals. I love to move the slider and see how fast I'll pay off my debts and how much interest I'll save! It's also crazy-fun to recolor a folder. I guess I just like swiping all the sliders!


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altCarolyn Norton, Software Developer

I like reading our daily newsletter on my phone, and being able to save them to favorites—that way I won't have to scroll through my emails trying to find a particular article later on.

Also, when people ask me about what I do, I can just pull up the app and show them! I'm hoping to share my passion for mastering my finances with more people this way.


altAmadeus Junqueira, Front End Engineer

I use it to keep track of my cash expenditures. I have noticed that, on average, over 20% of my income goes to transactions that I’ve paid for with cash from ATM machines (many places in New York only accept cash). It's easy to add a cash transaction when I'm out and about. Now I can easily keep track of where I'm spending my dollars and cents and have a better idea of how to budget my money!


altLaura Shin, Senior Editor

I love to look at my folders in the Budget section and see how much money I spent in that category that month, and what percent of my overall spending that category takes up. It's a good reminder when I'm on the go and I'm seeing how much money I have left to spend in that category this month.

I spend a huge amount on travel and a significant amount on restaurants. I'd like to cut costs where I can on travel and just plain spend less on restaurants, so seeing those numbers reminds me of what my priorities are.


altAinslie Simmonds, Chief Marketing and Product Officer

Since I commute about 30 minutes everyday by train, I can knock out my money tracking and it all syncs when I get back online when I come out of the station. I also love watching my favorite priority goal (my sabbatical to France) grow.

I really am focused on saving so that my entire family can spend a year in Europe while I am also saving for three kids' 529 plans. And, of course, funding retirement as well. Logging in every day and remembering why what I am working for is so important makes it easier to sacrifice silly spending so that I can achieve those hugely important goals.

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altAnnie Shapiro, Product and Strategy Associate

I love reading content on my phone. Loading LearnVest stories on my phone's browser used to be a cumbersome process, and the app makes all of the content (including slideshows!) so seamless and consumable.


altDebbie Wissel, Director of Product Quality

As a working mom, every second counts, including on the subway.

I love organizing all of my unfoldered transactions on the subway and checking in on my folder budgets, especially how much I have spent on groceries, gifts and my own custom folder, “lunch at work.” The app can make me that much more productive during empty time so I can be more free during downtime!


altStephany Kirkpatrick, Director of Financial Planning

I like to keep cash in my wallet since I hate parting with it, and I always stop and think before I spend, which I don't do as easily with a card. To keep my Money Center current, I add a cash transaction right on the spot—I don't even have to keep receipts! It is scary how fast cash gets spent, even when you are thinking carefully about it, and if you asked me at the end of the day or the week what went where, I could never had accounted for all of it unless I were logging things daily like I do now.



Alden Wicker, Assistant Editor and Social Media Coordinator

I love that I can read the LearnVest articles whenever I want, and then easily tweet them or share them. Seriously: Scroll, click, read, tweet, done--I've just educated all my Twitter followers on the glorious wonder of Roth 401(k)s.


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