7 Ways to Save on Pet Food

7 Ways to Save on Pet Food

Here's another helpful money-saving post from our friends at SavvySugar. Check it out:

One sad side effect of the nation's economic struggles is the increase in pets showing up at animal shelters, turned in by families who can no longer afford their upkeep. But while most of you said that you'd never give up your fuzzy buddy, even if you faced bankruptcy, it can sometimes feel as though our pets are eating us out of house and home.

If you seem to be spending more on pet food than you are on your own food, consider these seven tips to keep your furry friend from ingesting your monthly budget!

Buy in Bulk

Many pet stores will give you a discount for buying in bulk (some even at the wholesale price!), so stock up! And when your pet's favorite food goes on sale, it's a great time to buy as much as you can feed him before the expiration date on the bag. Of course, don't feed your pet in bulk!

Join Store Rewards Clubs

Most national chains offer rewards memberships that offer exclusive deals to members. Some, like the Petco Pals program, give you store credit when you spend a certain amount. Or receive discounts and sale alerts through PetSmart's PetPerksprogram. Don't forget to ask about rewards programs at your local pet food store, too.

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