14 Healthy Foods for Fall

14 Healthy Foods for Fall

Your health is priceless. To maintain it, check out another great post from our friends at Diet Blog:

We are beginning the first days of autumn in parts of the world.

With this, many of the squash and root vegetables are coming into season. But, what about the rest of the fall produce?

Make sure you’re getting all the great nutrition fall has to offer with these 14 nutritious foods!

1. Artichokes

Also in season at the beginning of spring, they have one of the highest antioxidant levels of any vegetable.

2. Arugula (Rocket)

High in vitamin A and phytochemicals. Adds flavor to salads. (Plus, it's a key ingredient in some of these easy lunches!)


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3. Broccoli

Did you know that you can find less bitter broccoli during autumn? This is the perfect time to enjoy raw broccoli dipped in a hummus!

4. Cabbage and Brussels Sprouts

Flavor improves as the weather gets even colder.

5. Eggplant

Rich in antioxidants and a great meat substitute in Italian cooking or on the grill.

6. Green Beans and Leeks

These are two I don’t recommend buying too far out of the season. When out of season, they rot quickly.

7. Kale

Also sweeter this time of year. This is rated on many scales as one of the healthiest vegetables. Throw a leaf into your smoothie.

8. Shallots and Garlic

Sweetest this time of year. Shallots are sweet enough that they can be added to dishes raw!

9. Apples

Go ahead and pick your own apples (if you can in the area you live) and burn some extra calories!

10. Figs

Usually, you can only find the fresh figs for a short period of time. Otherwise, you have to buy dried. When you spot them, snatch them up!

11. Grapes

You will be able to find cheap prices during autumn. The darker the grape, the better.

12. Pears and Persimmons

These are two more with a shorter season. Grab them when you find them fresh! Did you know that pears are one of the highest fiber fruits at 4 grams per medium piece.

13. Pomegranates

Not as fresh in very cold climates, but you can find this high antioxidant fruit through the Christmas season.

14. Quince

Have you heard about this fruit? Many people make jams out of them due to their short season and high pectin content. They are not usually eaten raw because they can be sour. So, instead try them in cooking and sauces.

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