Your Money Center Got a Makeover

Your Money Center Got a Makeover


Last year, we rolled out the Money Center—our first free money tool—to help you organize your finances in one place and to keep your budget on track. We've been excited at the amazing response we've seen. In fact, nearly 30% of you log in to the Money Center 17 times a month to update your budget and organize your transactions.

We knew we were on to something, and since the launch of Money Center last July, we've been gathering your feedback and working behind the scenes to make major improvements.

Today, I am thrilled to announce the release of our new and improved Money Center!  Our team has worked hard to make this the only tool you will ever need for your money. The Money Center is now set up to help you accomplish the three most important things I know you can do for your financial security. I call them the Money Must-Dos.

Money Must-Do #1: See How Your Budget Compares to a Healthy Budget

Creating a budget you can actually stick to is the most important way to stay on top of your money. The new Smart Budget breaks your expenses into Essentials, Lifestyle and Priority Goals so you finally have a realistic picture of your expenses and spending patterns.  We recommend going through the new Budget Setup flow to update your existing budget so you can see how your budget compares to LearnVest's ideal budget. I guarantee you'll find at least one area where you're spending way more than you think you are (for me it was takeout)!


Step 1: Create a Smart Budget

Step 1: Create a Smart Budget


Money Must-Do #2: Set a Goal (Any Goal)

Thinking about the future can be daunting. You don't need to have it all figured out, but you can break down your goals into small, easy-to-achieve tasks. Whether it's paying down your credit card debt or saving for a big trip, enter one goal you want to work toward right now.  For me, setting that first goal was like losing the first five pounds (I'm getting married next year, you know how it is).  Reaching your goals actually becomes exciting and fun when you can see the amazing progress you're making.

Trends and analysis are an important part of understanding how your finances change over time, so with the new Smart Budget and Priority Goals features we're excited to bring you dynamic charts and graphs that will help you quickly and easily make sense of your money.

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Step 2: Set a Goal

Step 2: Set a Goal


Money Must-Do #3: Find Out How Much You Have to Invest

Trust me, you don't need millions—or even thousands—sitting in the bank to start investing. You just need to know your bottom line and how much you can put away each month.  When you connect your accounts in the Money Center, we'll show you the big picture (your assets, liabilities and net worth). If you want to free up more money for retirement, or you're at the point where you can start building a portfolio, now's the time.

We want to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible, so we're excited to announce another important feature. When you upgrade for a low, one-time fee to any LearnVest Planning membership, your expert can now co-browse your Money Center to see where you're doing well, and where you could use a little guidance.


Step 3: Find Out Your Bottom Line

Step 3: Find Out Your Bottom Line


We're Here to Help

You'll see some differences in the way you need to categorize transactions in the new Money Center:

  • You may notice your "Utilities" folder is off. Anything previously labeled a "Bill" has been moved to this folder so you'll need to re-categorize those transactions.
  • Transfers, credit card and loan payments, and investment transactions have a home!  These transactions can now be categorized in the new folder under Priority Goals.
  • If your overall trends don't look accurate, you may need to re-categorize some transactions.  Carefully check your folders to see if anything has been incorrectly foldered.

If you have any questions about the new Money Center you can email our Dedicated Support Team, or visit the updated Help Center for a list of common questions about the new platform.

One More Announcement ... LearnVest Is Going Mobile!

alt You've asked and asked for a LearnVest iPhone app, and we're hard at work on it! Our first-ever iPhone app will be out soon, and you'll be the first to know.

Don't have an iPhone? Sign up for updates on when our app is available for download and you'll be entered to win a new iPhone 5! 


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