9 Creative Tricks to Refresh Your Child’s Space for Cheap

Kids change quickly, and so do their tastes.

As much as we want to refresh our children's bedrooms and play spaces every year with fun touches like a $1,300 loft bed (have you not been to Pottery Barn Kids lately?), that's just not always feasible.

Plus, they'll probably decide loft beds are lame by next year anyway.

Even if you've already invested in these pieces that will grow with your child, we've found nine creative, fun tweaks that'll transform a room, without stretching your budget.

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  • sjdemo

    home improvement places like menards and home depot sell clear light switch plates for under $5. put in fun paper like a scrap of wrapping paper or a drawing. i used bits of a poetry book for my library plates. 
    instead of pillow cases find fun t-shirts and tie knots at the sleeves and bottom to enclose it. old concert shirts are great for a teen’s room.

  • quanmommy

    The map drawer pulls are $20 each, not 20 for $20 … they’re gorgeous, but pricey.