8 Money Traps to Avoid When Traveling

8 Money Traps to Avoid When Traveling

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If you've diligently researched your deals and saved a bundle on your flight and hotel stay, make sure that you don't end up blowing your travel budget on unnecessary purchases and overpriced goods while you're on your trip. Here are eight travel budget breakers you need to watch out for:

Goodies in the hotel: You may get the munchies in the middle of the night, and the items in the hotel minibar will suddenly seem oh-too tempting. Don't pay $4 for a chocolate bar when you can get the same one at a convenient store for $1. Instead, head out to a supermarket during the day (preferably on the first day of your trip) to stock up on snacks, water, and other drinks.

Paid TV on the plane: Several planes are now offering the choice to watch TV for a fee that ranges from $5 to $8. Don't pay to watch TV on the plane when you're already paying for it at home or when you can view it for free in your hotel. Listen to free podcasts or borrow a book from the library for the flight.

Magazines and books from the airport: If you're looking to pile up on books and magazines for the plane, remember not to purchase them from the airport. The prices are often raised. You can also choose to download a couple of free or $1 ebooks to your computer, smartphone, or kindle.

Read on for the rest of the travel budget traps to avoid at SavvySugar.

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