7 Apps to Save Money on Groceries

7 Apps to Save Money on Groceries

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Although we've provided you with a ton of tips on how to save on groceries, sometimes it's nice to have a helping hand from technology. Read on to find out which apps will help you save big bucks at the supermarket:

Create a Shopping List For Free

This free grocery shopping app will help you create shopping lists. You can even scan the bar codes of products to add them to your list. You can sync up with the lists of family members or significant others who have the same app.

Buy Locally Grown Food That's in Season

Buying food that's in season and locally grown will be easier on your budget. Check out Locavore, a free app that'll help you find local, in-season food.

Check What's on Sale

If you want to know what deals are going on in supermarkets, discount stores, and pharmacies, this free app called Grocery Pal will show you where the sales items are.

See the rest of these money-saving apps at Savvy Sugar.

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