10 Money Secrets of Happy Moms


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    • Alex

      I agree with Judy, pay yourself first! If this concept can be grasped early on, it makes all the difference in the world later on in life. My husband and I put a set percentage of each paycheck into our IRAs and Emergency Fund before even paying other bills. It gives me peace of mind to know I am slowly building a secure financial future. Thanks for this article and the tips!

    • Carlees21@gmail.com

      My last post kind of got messed up at the last. I am grateful my husband taught me how far I can go to be frugal to get what I want and I know that we have what we have because we don’t spend our money frivolously. Did I forget to mention my new car is a Mercedes? My husband does not make a lot of money, but we save, we pay off all our credit cards every month and we buy what we want at a discount. And we are not shy to shop a good yard sale, just don’t ask me to throw one.

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    • Leventislek

      Hi, my book, THE WOLF WITH A BELL, coming soon to the markets. You can ask from( http://www.shaker-media.nl) Levent Islek.