10 Colleges With the Highest-Paid Graduates

Before you ask: No, they aren't all Ivies.

CNN Money compiled a list of the ten colleges that produce the highest-paid graduates in the country, based on starting salary, mid-career salary and ... percentage of grads who think their job is meaningful.

Interesting choice, right? But no matter which measure you find most relevant (and no matter what their majors), you can be sure that many of the graduates from these ten schools are doing well.

For more information on the schools, visit CNN Money.

To see the slides in one long list, click into the slide show and select "list view."

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  • Beccaod

    What you need to show is the best colleges for your money, the college I went to (Georgia Tech) is ranked highest.

  • Daciadanae

    YES! Totally agree with @Beccaod. I started at $59,000 but I don’t have any student debt  (I went to a great, small, in-state engineering college that I could afford), so I feel like I”m ahead of some of these grads who finished with tens of thousands in student debt.

  • Caitlin

    I think this is unfair because most schools listed were technical schools or offered some form of engineering. Of course engineers are going to have high starting salaries, because they’re the most sought after. 

  • Kcheme

    It is not unfair that most schools listed were technical schools.  It is a fact that engineering degrees have a higher return on investment than any other type of college degree.  There is little incentive in today’s economy to earn a liberal arts degree at a 4 year college and graduate with mountains of debt and no job prospects.  This is sad, but it’s a fact, so adjust to the reality now and get your kids comfortable with math and science!

    • Michelle

      Maybe not unfair but it’s deceptive.  An engineer from any school would start off at a higher starting salary.  It’s the degree that’s worth more, not the school that it comes from.  This slideshow implies that the quality of education at these schools is somehow superior when really there is just a higher concentration of engineering degrees.  Plus Caltech has under 1,000 undergrads which is an insanely small sample size.  

      Signed, a liberal arts graduate with a reasonably small debt thanks to scholarships and a job offer for over $100K.

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