What's So Bad About a Sedentary Lifestyle?

What's So Bad About a Sedentary Lifestyle?

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Sedentarism is not yet an actual term, but it is becoming a way to explain the ever increasing sedentary lifestyle.

It may also describe the extent to which an individual is sedentary. However,  sedentarism in the past has been a term used in describing the fall of a society!


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How did we get to this point of living such highly sedentary lives that we now have created a term for it?

Negatives of Being Sedentary

  • It’s possibly as damaging as smoking, according to new study.
  • Leads to back tension and poor posture.
  • It lowers life expectancy. Did you know that consistent exercise increases the lifespan of cells in the body? Some describe exercise as the fountain of youth!
  • Greater obesity risks are associated with a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Higher stress and risk for mood disorders like anxiety and depression are linked to it.
  • The increased risk of chronic diseases: hypertension, heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, various cancers, diabetes, gallstones and kidney stones.

Are You At Risk?

Even if you think you exercise and get some activity—think again.

How much time does this take you for the entire week?

If you answer one or two hours, this is not enough. That is a very small percentage of a 168-hour week.

To not be considered sedentary, you have to have a job that keeps you on your feet, and/or get regular exercise most days of the week. The key word here is regular.

Plus, it is important to take movement breaks during sedentary time. This will help relieve spinal pressure, and increase circulation.

It’s Not Our Fault

Many of us live in a society surrounded by fast-paced lifestyles. Jobs are demanding (and highly sedentary), we sit in the car more, and there are more high tech gadgets keeping us sedentary. Overall, we feel the stresses of everyday life, and run out of time to be on our feet.

So, we have the pressures of society to be sedentary. However, we have control over our own lives. We just have to make time to be active! After all, as humans, we were meant to move.

Tips to Move By

  • Always take the stairs at the office or when out and about.
  • Check out the possibility of getting a standing desk or work station.
  • Walk during three-quarters of your lunch break.
  • If possible, walk around during business calls instead of sitting at the desk.
  • Talk to your boss about implementing a few office-wide, three-minute stretch breaks throughout the day.
  • Find active ways to unwind in the evening instead of sitting in front of the TV.

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