The Best Family Memories Are Free

The Best Family Memories Are FreeWhen I think back to some of my favorite childhood activities, they are often the ones that were the least expensive. To this day, I can’t see a constellation without thinking of my mother pointing out Orion or Cassiopeia to me as a child.

Didn’t cost her a dime, and it is a memory that is still with me today.

I find myself telling my own children about constellations as we play with solar system puzzles, or eat Goldfish on our planet guide placemat.

Sometimes a tradition that is passed down from generation to generation is not only free, but the best form of entertainment.

Check out these eight things that I love to do with my family. What are your favorite, priceless family activities?

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  • Joanne

    Some more free things to do are playing kick the can, hop scotch, ollie , ollie, ocean free, break out of jail, and capture the flag.  Some of the games are just begging to be played at night too. 

    The internet has simple, almost free ways to make homemade kites and then having the fun of flying the kites on a windy day. 

    Many museums have free days of the week or of the month, and that is a great way to spark conversations of what we saw on the days that are just too wet to go outside.

    Drawing pictures on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk are also a really fun way to encourage budding artists.