Retailers Use Text Messaging to Attract Young Customers

Retailers Use Text Messaging to Attract Young Customers

As if our teens need another excuse to check their cell phones every five minutes, a number of stores--especially those popular with teens and young adults--are increasingly texting customers about deals and sales.

The messages--some of which include videos or pictures--present a variety of offers. Occasionally retailers will offer flash sales, notifying users of a discount that will be valid for just a few hours on the same day the text is sent out.

Other times, the texts will promote a specific product, or just offer a standard coupon.


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Stores are definitely seeing texting as a new marketing frontier, according to James Citron, CEO of Mogreet Inc., who handles the text messaging technology for clients such as Vans and Charlotte Russe. Citron told The Wall Street Journal that users are five times more likely to open a text message than an email, and that customers will respond to a text within 1 to 3 minutes.
Research on text marketing seems to back up this promised success—a 2011 study found that nearly 34% of customers who received a text message from a store ended up visiting that store in person or online. Now that 75% of kids ages 12-17 have cell phones--not to mention 96% of 18-29 year olds--this trend shows no signs of slowing down.


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