Quiz: Are You a Smart Spender … or Just Plain Stingy?

Your budget belongs to you. No one else.

That means you can make whatever decisions you want for your money, no matter what anyone else thinks.

Then again ... Scrooge is a famously dislikable character for a reason.

In the past, we've cited being stingy as a "bad" habit that can actually be good for your money. But there are some situations in which we have to say, "Really?" 

Being a certifiably stingy person isn't just annoying to people around you, it also takes away from your own happiness. Money should be used as a tool to achieve your dreams (like this reader, whose money dream took her to Paris).

If you let your money rule you--by hoarding it, avoiding situations where you might have to spend any of it and hurting your friends' feelings in the process--you've lost the point of building a robust bank account in the first place.

We put together a quiz to tell you what your friends and family are too nice to say: Whether you're a smart budgeter with her priorities in place ... or getting a little insufferable when it comes to the green stuff.

Find out where you fall:

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    • Matthew Gordon

      I’m a “smart budgeter”. Therefore, I think this article’s great!