Money Mayhem: The $290 Paper Bag

Money Mayhem: The $290 Paper Bag

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Brown paper bags are utilitarian, charming and cheap, a handy solution to hold everything from lunch to party favors.


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Jil Sander's version is none of the above.

The designer's new brown bag is called the "Vasari," and according to The Daily Mail:

"[The bag] is rendered from high-durability coated paper, featuring stitched seams, metal eyelets (for ventilation, naturally) and a prominent designer logo."

The bag, which appears to only be useful as shown by the models in Sanders' runway show--that is, clutched in hand--is a steal at $290. Well, it's a steal compared to the leather version, which costs $630. We can only imagine that people toting either bag not only feel rich (as one is wont to do), but are rich. That, or they're incurring some serious credit card debt.

The icing on the cake (er, sandwich)? The Vasari is sold out.

Then again, we understand: Veteran lunch packers probably could not resist when they saw that the shipping is free!

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