LV Moms Grab Bag: Feng Shui Tips, Financial Lessons From TV!

LV Moms Grab Bag: Feng Shui Tips, Financial Lessons From TV!

We interrupt this week of important financial topics (back-to-school budgeting, what to do when your kid breaks other people's things, how eBay is planning on changing the way your kid shops) to bring you some totally fun stories that are sure to bring a smile to your face (and potentially help you out when it comes to your life and finances, as well).

But before we get to that, here's a round-up of some stories you might have missed around LearnVest recently:

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Okay, moving on. Today, we've got two new stories for you. The first will provide you with a fun, easy way to help set your baby up with sleep-filled nights using feng shui (yup, feng shui), while the second gives you a great excuse to watch TV. (Hey, it's for a financial cause!)

How to Feng Shui Your Baby's Nursery

Can feng shui help your baby sleep through night and be more cheerful during the day? Check out our how-to video, then find out how to feng shui the rest of your house to increase the flow of wealth and success.

Financial Lessons You Can Learn from TV

From Claire and Cliff Huxtable to Lorelei Gilmore and Jill Taylor, there's a lot we can learn from television parents, if we look closely enough. We've compiled a list of our eight favorite TV sitcom parents who have some seriously awesome views on finance.


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