How to Explain Why You Were Laid Off

How to Explain Why You Were Laid Off

Here's another smart post from our friends at SavvySugar. Check it out:

You're probably sick of talking about why you were laid-off and how your job search is going, and unfortunately those questions will keep coming until you've found a new job.

Potential employers will certainly want to know the reasons behind your unemployment, meaning you'll have to discuss what happened during a situation in which you're already vulnerable. Learn how to handle the sensitive interview question so that you're not left stuttering through an answer.

Bring It Up Early

It's a safe bet that a potential employer will probably ask why you left your last job at some point in the interview. Divulge the facts when you're prompted, but don't be afraid to mention it earlier. "Tell me about yourself" is one of the most common conversation topics in an interview, so while giving your answer also mention your reason for not having a job — even if it's because you were laid-off.

Find out the rest of your strategies for dealing with this question in SavvySugar's post.

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