How to Budget for Back-to-School Shopping

How to Budget for Back-to-School Shopping

Headed into back-to-school season and feeling positive about how you’re going to pay for all those expenses? Is that possible? Yes, indeed it is.

A new back-to-school survey found that Americans have a more positive outlook on their personal financial situations compared to last summer, with a number of shoppers taking a more financially responsible approach by creating a back-to-school budget and sticking to it.

The survey from Chase Slate with Blueprint also found that 32% of consumers anticipate their spending on back-to-school shopping this year will mirror pre-recession figures.


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Perhaps it’s because more Americans feel that their own personal finances are on the upswing than in past years: Americans said they’re twice as likely to believe their financial situation is improving (44%) as they are to believe it’s getting worse (20%), a 13-point increase from one year ago.

So how does this relate to you? If you’re planning on doing your own back to school shopping, think about this: First, you’ve got to make a budget–whether you’re the parent or the student.

Second, stick to your budget. If you’re using a Chase Freedom, Slate or Sapphire credit card for your back-to-school purchases, activate Chase Blueprint, a free feature that can help you track all your purchases and manage your spending and borrowing. With Blueprint, cardholders can decide which purchases they want to pay in full every month, ensuring that they don’t pay interest on items like school supplies and clothing–even when they carry a balance.

Creating a budget and sticking to it will make it easier to “do your homework” when it comes to your finances.


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