Texas, Wyoming, Europe: Around the World in the News

Texas, Wyoming, Europe: Around the World in the News

This week, all eyes have been on a few different regions, where world-altering events may be underway.

First, we were looking toward Tampa, not just because that’s where the Republican National Convention was being held, but also because Hurricane Isaac appeared to be show-stoppingly barreling toward it. So we followed Isaac west, from south Florida to the Mississippi, where lives, livelihoods and global oil reserves hung in the balance.

Meanwhile, a Texas voter ID law was struck down on the grounds that it would put an unfair burden on minorities and poor voters; in many parts of Texas, getting a driver’s license can require driving 100 miles each way to the DMV, and business hours make it hard for some workers to get proper documentation.

Back in Tampa, Presidential candidate Mitt Romney made a speech, highlighting his desire for a business-friendly government. VP candidate Paul Ryan also took the stage, arguing for small government and making an economic case against President Obama and the national debt.

Now we zip back across the country to Wyoming, where Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke will make a speech today, addressing whether the Fed can do more to rev up the economy. For a while now, investors have been waiting for Bernanke to announce whether we can expect more central action in the markets.

Finally, we spin around the globe until we land in Europe, where European leaders made comments that agitated investors’ fears about recovery, and economic sentiment fell below a two-year low—both of which caused stocks to tumble.

Today, we take a closer look at the impact of Hurricane Isaac, from the human angle to the economic, and a new trend we’re calling peer-to-peer investing.

Hurricane Isaac: How Will It Affect the Economy?

In addition to flooding and damage from Hurricane Isaac, the storm may come with additional consequences for the stock market, oil prices, local economies and people on the ground.

Peer-to-Peer Investing: Should You Get In on This Trend?

One growing investing trend sounds like a great way to help other people and your bottom line at the same time ... here's why, despite the returns, it just might be too risky.



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