9 Lessons My Divorce Taught Me About Love


DivorceCheck out this fascinating piece from YourTango:

Going through a divorce is one of the most painful things for anyone to experience. I can relate from my own personal divorce drama. The day my ex threatened to call the cops because my parents took my son to church made me wonder, how could it ever get this bad?

There were days I felt like I should make a guest appearance on the Jerry Springer show. Getting divorced and going through separation, with children, a once-shared home and pets, is painful and confusing. But it can also be a great teacher.

1. Don’t Play the Blame Game.

He said-she said will get you nowhere fast. It’s easy to say “It’s all your fault we’re getting a divorce because you cheated on me.” But when you place blame on your ex, it takes away your power and you become the victim.

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