8 Ridiculous Push Presents for Celebrity Moms

Push PresentsFor these outrageous celebrity moms, a bouquet of flowers and a thank you note certainly won't do.

What's a "push present," you ask? We mentioned it here, but for those who don't remember, it's a gift given to a new mother by her partner to say thanks for delivering the baby ... and the trend is quickly gaining traction. A Baby Center survey found that 38% of new mothers received a push present upon delivery.

For some, a push present is a romantic way to be rewarded for a tough pregnancy. For others, the thought is horrifying: Is giving birth to a healthy baby no longer the greatest gift imaginable?

Check out these eight celebrity mothers who received over-the-top push presents. One scored a $2.5 million pair of earrings, while another got a $120,000 necklace even though her child was born via surrogate.

You decide: Are push presents crazy or cute?

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  • sjdemo

    i would have been happy with flowers.

  • If done, push present ideas should be about the gesture, not the money. A small token can be a great way for dads to show they are sympathetic to pregnancy pains.