8 Financially Savvy Sitcom Parents We Love

7 Financially Savvy Sitcom Parents We LoveWhen you hear the words "educational television," probably a few specific programs spring to mind.

"Sesame Street."
"Dora the Explorer."
"Arrested Development."

Okay, so "Arrested Development" might seem out of place with the other classically educational TV shows, but actually, Michael Bluth leads by fine example when it comes to teaching his son about the value of a dollar. (He is, after all, always after George Michael to pick up a couple of extra shifts at the Banana Stand.)

Michael's not alone, either. We've compiled our eight favorite sitcom parents who managed to make us laugh, cry ... and keep good tabs on our money.

While we're not suggesting you plop your kid down in front of an episode of "Arrested Development," the next time you catch any of these shows, you might consider taking a lesson out of the parent's financially savvy pages.

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  • I like Full House the best. I especially like Stephanie Tanner and DJ Tanner’s best friend Kimmy Gibbler, as they make a great comedy team. :)