7 Cheap and Natural Cleaners Made From Everyday Items

7 Cheap and Natural Cleaners Made From Everyday Items

We love natural options, and we love affordable ones. So when the two combine, it's a winner in our book! Check out this post from our friends at SavvySugar on more ways to clean naturally. 

One of my favorite cleaning products isn't from a brand-name company. It's vinegar, an item you can find in any grocery store. When I first started using vinegar, I felt like it was an epiphany. Not only was I using a nontoxic liquid to clean my home, but also, it was extremely cheap to do so. I used to think it was all hype, but after testing it out against a manufactured all-purpose cleaner, I was sold on the effectiveness of vinegar and began using it everywhere in my home.


  • Remove Smelly Odors on Your Skin: After you've touched something stinky while cooking, like onions or fish, wash your hands with tea to remove the smell. If your feet tend to smell, then soak them in tea every day for 20 minutes to reduce odor.
  • Mop Wooden Floors and Clean Wooden Furniture: Add a bit of black tea to your mop when you're handling wooden floors. The leaves' natural properties will help add color and shine up the dull wood.
  • Clean Feflective Surfaces: If there are grease stains that won't come off your glass surfaces or mirrors, then dip some cloth in brewed tea and wipe them down.
  • Deodorize Rooms or Items: To make your room smell fresh, place unused tea bags in certain areas to clear the air. If there is something specific you want to freshen up, like a pair of shoes, then place a tea bag in it to absorb the smell.

Read on for more natural cleaners you can use in your home.

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