6 Things to Think About Before Moving In Together


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If you are considering moving in with your partner before marriage, there are many things to consider. On the positive side, if you move in with that person, you will really get to see who you are with and all of their habits before you marry him/her. This way, when or if you get to marriage, there will be no disappointments or surprises.

In living together, you will have learned how your partner operates around money, chores and daily responsibilities. Still, sometimes living together delays the option of marriage even longer because really, what is the rush? You are living together, so you are having the experience of being married, and so it can take longer to get to that marital destination. This usually creates conflict for at least one partner. Should We Live Together Before We Get Married? [EXPERT]

So, before you decide to live together, consider the following issues:

1. Is marriage your ultimate goal?

If marriage is what you ultimately want, make sure to have this discussion so expectations are clear before you decide to live together. Also, create a time frame for which you will like to be moving toward marriage so the living together does not put a delay on the goal.

If you have a lot of anxiety about getting married and taking this first step, it is best to live separately until each of you feels sure about your decisions for the future.

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  • Asdf

    Where are the other 5 things!!!

    • k2

       Haha, I was thinking the same thing :)

  • guest

    you shouldn’t have to plan out your love perfectly.

  • Guest

    How about you are married before you live together? I know that’s passe these days but study after study has shown that people who live together before marriage have a higher divorce rate (as high as 80%!)…why? Because it’s not how it’s suppose to be!

    • Guest

      I’ve just known too many couples that got married before living together and got divorced within a few years simply because they didn’t know each other well enough. It’s important to live with someone to know your daily routines/daily living match up. But there’s no one correct way for everyone, it depends on the couple and what they think is best.  

    • M Surel M

      what if you marry someone but then can’t live with them? in my opinion, it’s important to determine compatibility before making a big decision like that. you don’t have to buy a home before marriage, but getting an apartment might be a good first step

  • Wheatie09

    I would never live with my boyfriend unless I knew we would be getting married. And how do you accomplish this? By living together AFTER he has proposed. My parents did the same (My Dad pop the question, then moved in together to plan the wedding and begin their lives together as future Mr & Mrs). No one seems to think of this third route to take, because honestly, how binding is your boyfriend’s word going to be if he just says “Oh, yes, I want to be married too someday”. If he truly felt this way, he. would. propose!!!

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    For the other five things to consider, continue reading at YourTango.  its right underneath the first consideration.