10 Easy Recipes for Cool Summer Eating


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    • Stephen Castellari

      $3 Panini? Then why do they charge $9 + tip when I go for lunch? Grrr.

      • Labor costs.

      •  Because restaurants have to pay for way more than food. Like Penny said, labor. But also electricity, water, and likely a monthly lease.

        Plus, often, when you get a panini at a cafe it has far more on it than just pepperoni and cheese. And often comes with a side.
        But, I do feel silly when I pay for sandwiches, especially if it’s over $5.

      • Middtere

        You can generally expect about a 300% markup on the cost of whatever it is your eating over what it would cost to make it at home. So a $3 panini at home would cost about $9 out. Eesh. :)

        • Janas23

          You’re right about the markup.  I like a little market in Suffolk, VA that makes up food-to-go…nothing fancy at all…just good.  But I bought a container of Brunswick stew that was $10.  I was think it was costly but considered it was two healthy bowls for two with some left over.  They do have to make a profit.  I just keep thinking…”I can do that” it’s just that I don’t!

    • I love this list of recipes, and the “Pepperoni Panini” has been a big hit with my husband.  I wanted to say that you might mention for #3 whether it’s 1-1/2 cups dry couscous or cooked couscous.  I used 1-1/2 cups dry couscous, which made almost 6 cups of couscous, and ended up with way more than 4 servings from the recipe.  I’m not sad about this, I think that the recipe tastes great, even with more couscous than I think was intended, but it might be a good thing to note for the next time you post recipes. :)

      • RAJ