10 Affordable Apps to Keep You Healthy

Everyone agrees that good health is priceless.

And if you can maintain it with tools that cost less than a morning coffee, it's easy, too.

What will these apps do for you? Oh, everything from help you manage your exercise schedule to be sure you're getting the right nutrients, not to mention get adequate sleep, keep track of doctor's appointments and figure out when a headache is just a headache, or something more.

We found convenient and free (or almost free) apps that will do that and more.

Here's to a healthier, wealthier, more organized you!

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  • Elissa Backas

    Maybe the list should be called: “10 Affordable iPhone Apps.” There are more Android phones out there…

    • LibbyKane

      Thanks for the catch! We’ve updated the text to reflect that all but three of these apps are available for Android as well as iPhone (and two of those are currently testing Android apps to be released in the near future).

  • Stephanie H

    My favorite iPhone app for fitness, Fitocracy, got left off  the list. Not only is it free (woo hoo!) it motivates me to work out with it’s “video game roots” presenting fitness quests and challenges as well as allowing you to track your daily work out (and get props from fellow members for doing so) as well as earning points that allow you to ‘level up’. The app also talks to RunKeeper, which allows your bike/run mileage to be automatically added to your daily Fit points.

  • I LOVE MapMyRun!  I love that I can see the trails people near me recommend.  I went to school at Wellesley, which is surrounded by an extensive trail network that can sometimes seem intimidating.  MapMyRun helps you navigate, and then lets you brag about it later ;)

  • kmae

    MyFitnessPal should really be a part of this list.  It does several things that you have individual apps for – why have 3 when you can have one?  MyFitnessPal scans barcodes and gives you info, same as #4, Fooducate.  It has a HUGE database of foods, including all major restaurants, same as #8, Restaurant Nutrition.  It also tracks your workouts, though perhaps not as extensively as Map My Run… though MFP does far more than just logging runs – any exercise you can think of is probably also in their database.