What Money Does to Your Relationship, and How to Fix it


Love and MoneyCheck out this fascinating piece from YourTango:

Do your finances cause tension in your relationship?

Many relationships face intense stress and anxiety over money issues. It seems that love and money have an important connection with couples.

Perhaps your current relationship is feeling the impact of this connection now. How would you rate your relationship on a 1-10 love and money scale, where one is how loving and passionate your connection is and ten is the degree to which you have mastered your money concerns?

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  • muchoganas

    I see so many women getting involved with men who are not financially responsible/have lots of debt/have bad credit/need help to pay rent on their apartment.  What happened to the notion that people should delay making a commitment until they are solvent and stable? Why do people decide to be a rescuer? 

    It seems to me that even if having someone move in can be a quick fix to some financial burdens, that should be a friend, not a boyfriend or a girlfriend. 

    I don’t even observe that when couples accept financial inbalances that there is debt reduction or savings.