Want Free Dinner for a Month?

Let LearnVest Treat You to Dinner for a Month!Given your usual dinner of filet mignon and Veuve Cliquot, we get that you only eat things that have appeared on Top Chef.

Just kidding. We know LearnVest readers like to eat well, but they are all about saving money on groceries.

Last time, you salivated over our Food for a Month series, with weekly shopping lists and recipes for a month's easy dinners, all in one place. So we're back for an encore ... with a special bonus.

One lucky winner will receive free dinner groceries for a whole month! These recipes cost about $300 for a family of four, so we'll cover that. (If you're a vegetarian, don't worry--you can use the funds on groceries of your choice!)

Forget the Veuve, use the extra room in your budget on something with staying power. Do we need to remind you that, if invested, $300 could turn into more than $6,500 by retirement?*

Here's How to Enter:

1. Sign up to receive the LearnVest Moms newsletter for yourself.

2. Share this contest through Facebook and Twitter for even more chances to win!

3. If you are already an LV Moms or LV Daily subscriber, search through your email inbox for your July 24 newsletter. Invite your friends to sign up for LV Moms by using the "Invite Your Friends" button. Each additional friend you invite is an added chance to win!

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*Calculated here, from age 25-65, with 8% rate of return

  • Sonnig

    This is an incredibly underwhelming contest.  But for only $300 it is certainly a good tactic for LearnVest to expand their e-mail list / membership.