Watch Your Tweets! Twitter Account Collects Photos of Credit and Debit Cards

Watch Your Tweets! Twitter Account Collects Photos of Credit and Debit Cards

Credit Protection Tip Number One: Don’t share your credit card information with anyone. Or with everyone, on Twitter.

A Twitter account titled @NeedADebitCard has set out to find tweeters in the Twitter universe who post information about their credit and debit cards. These users tweet about exciting-but-trivial moments in their lives surrounding their cards—things like “I found my credit card!” or “My new debit card came in the mail!”

But these same tweeters also post pictures—Instagram or plain-Jane snaps—of their credit cards, thus broadcasting their account information to the world.


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It goes without saying that sharing private information about your credit and debit accounts is a serious no-no. Even without the password to your account or your PIN, hackers gain access to information they shouldn’t have in the first place. As experts at PC Magazine explain: “It’s possible to … run a social-engineering scam on you to figure out the missing pieces of data.” Sounds scary.

@NeedADebitCard is a friendly reminder of just how public our presence can be online—and our virtual identities don’t disappear with the click of a mouse.

Keep your advice private and locked away in one safe place. And, as per The Huffington Post’s suggestion, consider tweeting about events that won’t incentivize credit card fraud or identity theft.


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