The Truth About Income, Marriage and Divorce

The Truth About Income, Marriage and Divorce

Check out this fascinating piece from YourTango:

Low-income couples value marriage as much as everyone else, so why do they get divorced more?

Research has shown that divorce rates are rising and marriage rates are falling among low-income people in the U.S. But it seems that we have been making untrue assumptions about why this is so.


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Dr. Thomas Trail and Dr. Benjamin Karney from the University of California Los Angeles conducted a survey of 6,012 people. What they found proved most other research on the subject of marriage and divorce among low-income people wrong. "Over the past 15 years, efforts to tackle declining marriage rates and increasing divorce rates among low-income couples in the USA have been guided by assumptions about why there are fewer low-income marriages and why a higher percentage fail," said Trail. "The aim of our study was to separate the myth from the reality."

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