The Best Beauty Money I Ever Spent


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    • Stila used to make an eyeshadow wash in the Kitten shade and I LOVED IT. Alas, it is no more. :(

    • Christina Nesbitt

      My newest favorite
      product is Orofluido elixir.. it works just as great as Moroccan oil,
      but it’s about half the price. And, it smells amazing!

    • Cc11782n

      I just have to throw my two cents in here! I just bought some nail polish at the drug store by Wet n Wild that has a “professional” brush. The polish itself was definitely under $4, and the “professional” brush was aptly named! I did my own nails for the first time in at least 10 years, and they look like they were done at the nail salon. The only down side is that the color selection was limited, and you’re stuck with all that extra nail polish. If you have a few go-to colors though and don’t vary much in your selections, this would definitely save you tons of money and trips to the nail salon!

    • Patriotwoman has a do-it-yourself Brazilian Blowout kit that actually has the REAL Brazilian keratin straightener used in salons.  It’s not one of those 30 day things from the drugstore that doesn’t really work well, but the real stuff.  You can do your own for about $15 per treatment, which lasts 3-4 months instead of $300-400 charged by a salon. 


    • DIY Keratin

      Keratin treatments are the best available remedy for excessively frizzy/kinky/curly hair, but at $200-400 in a salon, they are an unaffordable luxury. However, Uncurly’s at-home keratin treatment performs better than most salon keratins including Brazilian Blowout. Get straighter, shinier, frizz-free hair for under $20 per treatment with Uncurly.