The 7 Rules of Interior Design


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    • Betsy

      Love this! My boyfriend and I just moved into a new place and are very carefully thinking about how we will decorate without breaking the bank. We have hardly any furniture, so we are really starting from scratch! The coffee table thing is hiliarous. He is obsessed with finding the perfect coffee table first. :-)

    • Elissa Backas

      well, we got the live with it part down. we moved into our house two years ago and our rooms are still mostly empty

    • MyLadyAlexis

      When it comes to decorating, I break all the rules and follow my own rules. I decorate to my own unique style. 

    • MyLadyAlexis

      I always start with the walls and floors and the rest just falls into place as I go!!!

    • Just shows you don’t need to break the bank to create the perfect look for you

    • nancy

      So what do you do? I’m assuming he is saying the way this area is painted is incorrect…but do you paint it all blue???

    • Matt Lovetere

      Great idea! For information on carpet or rugs in Boston, Newton, or Needham, visit