Technology and You: LV Friday Five, July 6, 2012

Technology and You: LV Friday Five, July 6, 2012

LV Friday Five

With the Fourth of July behind us, summer is officially in full swing. Whether you’re taking the week off to lounge on the beach or are sitting in your air-conditioned office, you’re surrounded by technology everywhere you go. Here’s a recap of LV’s articles this week that focus on our ubiquitous access to technology:

Readers loved our picks for summer reads this week. We chose a mix of timeless classics, current favorites and finance how-to books that are sure to be available or on your Kindle (or at your local library!).

The digital world is quickly claiming its spot as the hottest industry to work in, but can it make room for women? We have the good news and the bad news for women in tech.

Our friends at Business Insider share the story of a software developer who quit his job to live a life of leisure. After running out of money, he embarked on another life path and used Craigslist to build his dream (tree) house.

Be careful of Twitter overshare! A new Twitter account has sprung up to document tweeters posting too much information about their credit cards ... including pictures.

Trying to teach your kids about finance, but can’t get them to read the business section? A proposed computer game meant to teach finance to teens might be your solution.


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