Study Shows: Women Won't Date Unemployed Partners

Study Shows: Women Won't Date Unemployed Partners

Remember when we brought you the eight financial red flags to look for in any relationship?

Well, a new study from matchmaking site It’s Just Lunch has got us thinking once more about that tricky line between good finance and good romance.

So here's a question for you, straight from their survey: Must your significant other—or, let’s face it, the guy who asked you out on that one date—be employed if you’re planning on a future together?

According to It’s Just Lunch, the majority of women say ... yes.

When asked the above question, 75% of women explained that they wouldn’t enter a serious relationship with a guy if he was unemployed. On top of that, 33% of women said that they wouldn’t even go on a date with a guy who was unemployed.


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When considering why they answered “yes,” many of these women cited non-financial reasons. In fact, the primary reason why women answered “yes” was from a perspective of drive; women believed unemployment was a sign of little professional motivation.

In contrast, when the It’s Just Lunch team asked men about their views regarding dating and unemployment, the results were dramatically different. Nearly two-thirds of the men polled said they would date an unemployed woman.

According to the press release, surveyed women gave two reasons in particular for their hesitancy:

  1. “Women fear there will be a financial obligation if they date someone who is out of work.”
  2. “[Women] are worried about having their activities constricted by an unemployed man’s financial limitations.”

Would you date someone who is unemployed? Tell us in the comment section below!


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