Quiz: Are You Wasting Your Money on Entertainment?

We're always looking for new ways to cut our costs.

And we get especially excited when we can stop spending on something we're "meh" about, and use that money for something we really love.

So today we're going to take a long hard look at--you know what? Nevermind. We made a quiz. Because quizzes are fun and easy--and we all like hearing about how special we are.

Plus, here's the thing about LearnVest quizzes: Instead of telling you which animal your personality most resembles (knowing you're kind of like a rhino is vaguely interesting, not that useful), we tell you how you can better manage your money.

This particular quiz will help you figure out what in-home entertainment you spend on--like movie rentals, magazine subscriptions, cable and books--that you don't actually take advantage of. After all, if you cut your cable, Netflix, book-buying, music and other subscriptions, you could easily save over $100 a month.

Of course, we won't tell you to stop paying for the things that really do make your life so much better. We'll help you figure out your priorities, and then save a ton of money on the things you do use and love.

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Ready to trim the fat from your budget? This is a great place to start:

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