@Learnvest Asks: What's Your Biggest Financial Regret?

@Learnvest Asks: What's Your Biggest Financial Regret?

Everyone makes mistakes--and money mistakes are no exception. From being a little too generous with your first credit card to giving into that latte habit, we all have regrets.

Luckily, LearnVest is always here to help. From retirement advice to student loan debt, we have a ton of ideas on how to make sure those financial mistakes don't keep you down. If you're looking for more long-term advice, our financial planners are always ready to provided helpful advice.


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No matter what, it's always good to share experiences with other money-conscious friends. So, we turned to Twitter and Facebook and asked our followers: What's your biggest financial regret?

Every day we pose a question to our faithful followers-‐if you haven't joined the conversation yet, find LearnVest on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter @Learnvest!

Check out these responses from our Facebook fans ...


... and more from our Twitter account!


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