@Learnvest Asks: How Did You Save Money This Weekend?

@Learnvest Asks: How Did You Save Money This Weekend?

We know the feeling: Your weekend (and your weekly spending) looks great on Friday afternoon, but by the time you wake up Monday morning, it's tough to remember how those two days (or the cash in your wallet) finished so quickly.

We're all about letting loose and making sure the daily grind of the office isn't burning you out. But what's the best way to enjoy down time while staying on-budget? To find out, we turned to Twitter and Facebook, asking our followers: How did you save over the weekend?


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Whether shopping local, reigning in that latte habit or enjoying free activities, our readers responded with a ton of ideas on how to save while still making the most of a weekend.

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Check out these responses from our Facebook fans ...























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