@Learnvest Asks: Have You Ever Wanted to Move to a Less Expensive Country?

@Learnvest Asks: Have You Ever Wanted to Move to a Less Expensive Country?

When the stress of work and home life gets tough, sometimes you just want to throw your hands in the air and move to someplace sunny and tropical, where the beach is just a block away and pina coladas are plentiful.

But for some Americans, this idea isn't a fantasy. With the cost of living--not to mention retiring--in the US becoming increasingly steep, some Americans are now looking abroad to find a more relaxed, affordable way of living.

Has the American Dream become too expensive to find in America? It's a tough question to answer--so naturally, we turned to Twitter and Facebook and asked our followers: Have you ever fantasized about moving to another, less expensive and more relaxed country? 


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