How to Save This Weekend

How to Save This Weekend

Here's a fun post from our friends at SavvySugar: 

The weekend is finally here, but don't get carried away and start spending like there's no tomorrow. No matter what you do this weekend, there are plenty of ways to save, so be sure to keep these budget-friendly tips in mind.


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If you're grocery shopping . . .

Practice simple tips like buying store brands, not falling for supermarket tricks that get you to spend more, and avoid overbuying. If you bought too much, you can share them with a friend before it goes stale. Be sure to skip the nongrocery items because the prices are often marked up!

If you're looking for a good book to read . . .

Go to your local library and pick out a book to read. If you rather read from the comfort of your own laptop or Kindle, check out $1 ebooks by indie authors on Amazon. 

If you're going to do some dry cleaning . . .

The weekend is the best time to get your chores out of the way, and if you're thinking of doing some dry cleaning, be sure to do research to scout out a dry cleaner's that will give you the best bang for your buck. You can even dry clean your clothes at home with certain products. Check out other tips to help you save on your dry cleaning!

If you're going out to eat . . .

Skip the alcohol and the soda, and choose a dish that the restaurant specializes in; for example, seafood at a seafood restaurant and steak at a steak restaurant. If you're not ordering the specialty, you might end up paying for a poorly made meal. 

If you're planning a trip . . .

If you're like me, you usually do all your vacation planning on the weekends, because trying to juggle that with work during the weekdays can get too hectic. Be sure you know the best travel sites to scour for deals; check out Airbnb for cheap accommodations, and learn to save money after you've booked and paid.

If you're driving . . .

Consider taking public transportation or carpooling with someone to get to your destination. If you need to rent a car and only need to use it for an hour or so, be sure to check out services like Zipcar, which lets you rent by the hour. Use apps like Cheap Gas! or the to check out where the cheapest gas around you is.

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