Hot Summer Fashion Picks for $50 and Under

When summer finally hits (hello, 100˚ F days!), it starts to feel like our friends were hibernating until now. Between the barbecues, picnics, rooftop happy hours and beach trips, our social cals are never as busy as between June and September.

Which has an unintended impact on our wallets. Beyond paying for all those drinks and tickets and fun activities, we'd also like to show up in our new little sundresses and bikinis that make us feel confident hitting the beach.

Yet we don't want to spend a ton of cash, so we can save some for those rooftop bars. (And, you know, our savings accounts.)

We searched high and low (also known as our favorite online retailers) to find the best summer wardrobe additions for under $50. From sunglasses and swimsuits to dresses and shorts, we've got all of your sartorial needs covered.

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