9 Things to Rent Instead of Buy

Renting a home? That we've heard of. Renting a casket? Not as much.

Just last week, we told you about how the younger generation of Americans would rather rent a home than buy one. But it's becoming clear that the rental industry--which was once reserved for tuxedos, cars and movies--has become much more, covering everything from cameras to power tools.

This new trend has a ton of benefits--for one, renting an item you'll only use once or twice is much cheaper (and more sustainable) than actually buying it. Not only that, sites like Rentalic.com let you tap into nearby resources like neighbors and community members to borrow items. Saving money and staying local? Now that's a movement we can get behind.

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  • Mndlbrt01

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  • phreakincool

    Nothing feels better than buying stuff, using it, then taking it back or selling it on Ebay.