9 Creative Storage Solutions Under $20

Kids generally aren't so great with the concept of minimalism.

Somehow, they always seem to require new possessions: new clothes, new shoes, new school supplies, new toys ... until it's easy for your living room to double as romper room.

And we know how important an uncluttered house is to keeping your sanity. When everything is where it should be, we spend less time searching for the lost remote, turning the house upside down for the pacifier and apologizing to last-minute guests when they trip over Tonka trucks.

Which is why we've found nine genius storage solutions to hold everything from Legos to stuffed animals. And the best part is that every solution uses either a container repurposed from elsewhere or requires a purchase of less than $20.

Peace of mind on a tight budget? Yes, it's possible. Read on ...

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  • Guest

    Not so sure pizza boxes are the best idea for storage. To prevent the pizza from sticking to the bottom, manufacturers coat the inside with PFCs (perfluorinated chemicals), compounds that aren’t so great to touch or consume on a regular basis. See: 

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      I was wondering about pizza boxes anyway.  Good info, thanks!

  • imtheone

    They have lovely and cool design containers.

    Storage Containers